Vélo électrique BK15M

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Puissance nominale du moteur


Charge maximale



36V 12AH

Batterie amovible


Niveau d'étanchéité

Moteur sans balais puissant

Fournit suffisamment de puissance pour voyager. Vous permet de rouler librement dans les montagnes et les villes pour explorer la nature.

Batterie amovible

Le BK15M est équipé d'une batterie amovible 36V 12Ah. Vous pouvez facilement le retirer et le charger au bureau ou à la maison.

Frein à double disque

Les freins à disque mécaniques avant et arrière assurent un freinage puissant dans différentes conditions routières, vous aidant ainsi à rouler en toute sécurité.

Absorption des chocs de la fourche

Absorbe efficacement les chocs de la route, sûr et confortable.

Système de changement de vitesse Shimano 7S

Équipé d'une transmission Shimano à 7 vitesses, le BK15 peut facilement gérer presque toutes les caractéristiques du terrain et offrir de bonnes performances de conduite.

Plus de détails

Écran LCD multifonction

Shimano 7 vitesses

Batterie amovible

Sièges réglables

Système d'éclairage de sécurité

Pneu de vélo de montagne 26*2.125


Puissance nominale du moteur



36V 12Ah


35KM-90KM (testeur 75kg)

Temps de charge

6-7 heures

Méthode de freinage

Frein à double disque



Fourche avant

Fourche d'amortisseur


SHIMANO 7 vitesses

Charge maximale

120 kg (264 livres)

Vitesse maximum

32 km/h (20 mph)

Angle de montée maximal

25 degrés

Niveau d'étanchéité


Matériau du corps

Acier de construction au carbone

Taille de dépliage


Taille du paquet



30kgs/23.3kgs (66.14lbs/51.37lbs)


UN Longueur totale 67,71"
B Hauteur du guidon 37.01"-40.94"
C Empattement 41,73"
D Du siège au sol 33,46"-42,52"
E Longueur du tube supérieur 25.59"
F diamètre du pneu 26"
g Longueur du guidon 24h41"

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Solid bikes with added bonuses!

We just received our two bikes from Amazon.
We took them for a short spin.
So far we are really impressed with the bikes.
Unfortunately we had prior commitments, so we have to wait until this week to really try them out!
Just one thing we are missing was my bike didn't have the small rubber plug for the top of the handlebar.
Hopefully we can get the part.
On a side note, the bikes come with solid lock, a tire pump and a multi tool that made it very easy to assemble.
The bikes were very well packed and shipped.

Sheila J. Macdonald
Great value for price

Gift for husband. He loves it. Came with a bike lock and tire pump. Nice sturdy bike. Best price for bike in same class.

Terry Rocheleau
Bigger than Appears

So I just bought the 4.0 fat tire version and I can say straight out of the gate, the dude in the picture has got to be close to 7 feet tall. I'm 6 foot and this bike is still pretty big, I have to lean it to get on and when at a stop. maybe I just got a bigger frame, but yeah much bigger than anticipated. Not a bad thing in my case. Amazing bike. As advertised. Very easy to assemble. It does come with a pump and a lock. Battery and motor as advertised. Only thing i'd like to see added to the page is Battery replacements for the specific models.

Matthew Richard
Solid build

I bought two of these for myself and my wife to take to campsites and use around the neighbourhood. I am very impressed with the construction of the bikes. I weigh 275 lbs and am 6'-4" and it has no problem getting me around. My wife loves it too. She's 5'-9". They came in a well packed thick box and neither bike was damaged. The wide tyres are also great for trail riding. In terms of construction, battery size and fit for someone my size, this is money well spent.

Impressive Budget E-Bike

I am totally satisfied with everything from packaging to performance. This was my first ever e-bike so I didn't know what to expect, but I am content with this purchase.